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Add:Songdaokou Industrial Park, Luannan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China 




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Founded in September 2004, Tangshan Changzhi Agricultural Tool Design and Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Songdaokou Industrial Park, Luannan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. As a National Hi-tech Enterprise, Hebei Provincial Enterprise Featured with Specialization, Refinement, Differentiation and Innovation, the Company is specialized in R&D, design, production and sales of high-end manual tools and hardware products. Over 18 years since its foundation, the Company has successfully applied and has obtained two provincial scientific research achievements. 


Wherein, the "metal part thermoforming process and salt batch quenching water and energy saving technology" has thoroughly solved the waste water treatment problem and realized zero drainage of washing water. This technology has been widely applied to agricultural manual tool thermoforming quenching production line, and has won the Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Third Prize and Tangshan Science and Technology Second Prize. The "R&D and application of key technology of the manual tool cleaned production process" completed and chaired by the Company has passed the technological achievement evaluation, and the achievement has reached the world-class level. 


In 2020, the Company was rated as "Tangshan Industrial Design Center" and "Hebei Provincial Technology-based Enterprise". The Company has independently developed more than 280 patented technological products. Our products have been sold to developed countries, such as European countries, the USA, Japan, etc. In 2021, the Company obtained the power of supplying goods to Wal-Mart. 


Changzhi Company has always been a leader in the shovel making industry in Luannan County. It has transformed the traditional oven-type manufacture featured with waste water, black smoke in workshops into the current green, environment-friendly, efficient and high-quality world-class steel shovel industry. The Company produces 300 million sets of various manual tools annually. Our products have been sold in a wider scope from the original scope of less than 50km to the current 90% domestic market share and 80% global market share.


The Company practices the development idea of "human orientation and technological innovation", has introduced a large batch of hi-tech talents and management talents, and has established a good strategic partnership with many scientific research institutions, such as Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology, North China University of Science and Technology, Yanshan University, etc. The Company possesses a core R&D team composed of over 30 members at home and abroad. The standard multi-functional manual tool kits featured with convenience, reliability and reutilization developed by the team have been very popular among domestic and overseas customers. The Company has successfully applied for more than 100 patented technologies for this series of products. Developing new energy-saving and environment-friendly manual tools is the eternal goal of every Changzhi people! Keeping pace with the era, realizing innovative development, returning the society and forging a century-old shop is the lifelong pursuit of every Changzhi people! 



Tangshan Changzhi Agricultural Tool

Add:Songdaokou Industrial Park, Luannan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China 



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